Negotiation Mastery is the ultimate Sales Professionals Training program. Unique in comparison to anything currently on the market Negotiation Mastery provides an accelerated learning platform where sales people transform themselves over a six-week period. Training participants learn experientially rather than taught sales jargon in a logical memory-based format. The experiential learning process allows the participant to learn rapidly and easily rather than having to remember words or phrases.


We teach Sales by Enrolment such that the customer steps into the outcome and makes their decisions emotionally and then justifies with logic. In our experience this enrolment technique produces high sales percentage success. Previous participants report little need for closing statements as the client, by this time, is asking for the product.


Once the customer is enrolled you have a customer for life. Negotiation Mastery builds rapport and relationship with the customer at the deepest level, ensuring long term sales results. Participants report personal development breakthroughs whilst participating in the training and these shifts stay with them through their sales career. They become more effective in all areas of their life.

Negotiation Mastery is a live physical experience and is best executed in a group environment with up to 12 others. The nature of the program thrives on the interaction between participants. Normally a conference room or board room. Location is flexible depending upon location of participants.

Ideal delivery is 5 half days – morning sessions around 3.5 hours each.

A detailed workbook is provided and there is work to be done between sessions.

Each workshop is tailored to the client. Packages are available on a per person basis with group allowances to be negotiated. Minimum group size is 6 and maximum is 12.