The empowering life program is focused on delivering lasting results. Often our clients report that they have tried many self-development programs and books only to return home and life goes back to normal just a few weeks later. Why does this occur? Our core beliefs are often the cause of why our results in life stay the same – no matter what we try.


In our programs we believe in distinguishing deep beliefs and blockages in a focused way versus the “action to distraction” methods. We prefer that our clients dig deep with our techniques and really dig up past and present blockages which they cannot see on a day to day basis.


Once we assist you to remove these blockages and design and create new empowering beliefs, life shifts and new opportunities present themselves. Past clients tell us that they are surprised at how much they see about themselves that they did not know prior to the program.

Empowering Life is a live physical experience and is best executed in a group environment. Venue selection is dictated by participant location but normally executed in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

Session time: Full weekend divided into 6 sessions.

As this program is also tailored to the participants, contact us for pricing per weekend. We have a variety of packages available.